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Dave Oshana ~ Delicious Human Consciousness

Saturday, November 11, 2023 @ 9:00am - 11:00am (Pacific Time)

Since Existence is so fantastic, alive and desirable, I’m not sure why non-duality and other religious views are so often presented as dry and boring. Is it fear, culture, contraction, fetishization, objectification, or just a dispassionate transcendence of desire, drama and tendencies? Hmmm…

Whatever! Speculation knows no end.

All I know is what I know, which is that life after Enlightenment (Awakening/Liberation) is so much more tasty, juicy – and, well, alive, naturally. I also know, and you are certainly in on the secret, that humans thrive on contact. Truly deeply connecting – the kind of connection that only happens when the conditioned self (false identity/Ego) gets out of the way, off the potty and turns off.

So, this is an invitation to do what we humans do best (and long for) – to mix, mash and merge. Oh, don’t worry if you are shy, the enlightened company present won’t be holding anyone’s feet over the flames, scorching and roasting them into Enlightenment. You’ll be able to be just as you are, and snooze by the campfire, as the stars come down to co-mingle with our consciousness.

This is an experience to be had, live and direct, not read about after. You are welcome to join in.

Read the warm and amazing feedback after Dave’s debut last month ‘Dave Oshana at Open Circle Center: Enlightenment Transmission, Enlightenment & Healing’.

For full receptivity and comfort, it is recommended that you have space to lay down, away from WiFi and phones, hydrate well and abstain from addictive and mind-altering substances, both before and after our meeting.

Newcomers are invited to make an early connection with Dave Oshana and Enlightenment Transmission, prepare in advance, experience the energies and receive guidance and updates about the event – use email or contact-form.

Watch Dave share about the nature of the Enlightenment Transmission:


About Dave Oshana:
After 25 years of intense spiritual seeking, I was surprised to find myself Enlightened at 5am on 19th June 2000. I share the profound transformation in the energetic fields we create together, and call this phenomenon: Enlightenment Transmission.

Enlightenment Transmission online resources
include YouTube, audio, writings and online events.

Suggested donation: $15 to $40
No one turned away for lack of funds.
Please register early if you can.

The event will be recorded and emailed to participants within a week.
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Saturday, November 11, 2023
9:00am - 11:00am (Pacific Time)
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