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  • SAND Conference 2016


    Science and Nonduality (SAND) is an immersive experience where leading scientists, renowned spiritual teachers, philosophers, artists and a thriving international community gather to explore a new paradigm emerging in spirituality, one that is based on timeless wisdom traditions, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in direct experience. ------ Open Circle community members (if you are reading this- that's you) receive a 10% discount on SAND registration using this code: OPENCIRLCE ---- www.scienceandnonduality.com...

    Thursday, October 20, 2016 @ Pre Conference Workshops are Oct. 19th & 20th AND MAIN CONFERENCE is Oct. 20th~23rd at Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA
  • Adyashanti and Francis Bennett with Rick Archer ~ The Embrace of Jesus and the Buddha


    In a unique Open Circle event, well-known spiritual teacher Adyashanti will be joining his friend Francis Bennett in a public dialog about the parallels, differences and similarities between Jesus and the Buddha, as two complimentary yet very different models of awakening. Adya came to a deeper appreciation of Jesus by way of his study of Zen, while Francis ─ a former Trappist monk turned non-dual teacher ─ came to Buddhism by way of immersion in mystical Christianity. Moderating will be Rick Archer who, since 2009, has interviewed over 360 “spiritually awakening” people on his popular Buddha at the Gas Pump website (batgap.com). Time will be left for audience questions. ---- PRE-REGISTRATION REQUESTED....

    Tuesday, October 25, 2016 @ 7:00pm-9:00pm at PEACE United Church of Christ, Santa Cruz
  • Jeannie Zandi ~ Divine Love

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    Join Jeannie and friends for an exploration of living from love and presence. Open your instrument, soak in a field of light, and take tangible steps to deepen your capacity to live as the divine love that you are. Jeannie's gift for inviting people to join her in resting and rooted presence evokes a deep meeting with oneself and reality. Within that, her humor and iconoclasm serve to bring people into an understanding that is beyond the intellectual. Through silent and guided meditation, spontaneous talks, and lively dialogues, Jeannie will host a space of clarity and warmth where the true richness of life can be experienced and your innermost spiritual questions can be met fully. ------ We also have a gathering with Jeannie in San Francisco on Friday, Oct. 28th, as well as in Berkeley on Sunday, Oct. 30th (click on this event for details)....

    Sunday, October 30, 2016 @ 7:00pm at Chochmat Halev, Berkeley

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