About The Open Circle Center

The Open Circle is part of a new spiritual paradigm grounded in experiential awareness, rather than belief systems. We’re a non-sectarian community dedicated to supporting the practices of mindful and open hearted awareness, drawing inspiration from a variety of traditions & fields of study, which point to direct experience as a source of wisdom and love.

Started in Berkeley, California in 2004, the Open Circle now host events on a regular basis in a few locations in the Bay Area and worldwide on the internet. Our mission is to support and make as accessible as possible a contemporary approach to spiritual practice that is grounded in direct and immediate experience, rather than conceptual belief systems. We do this by connecting people with timeless teachings and awakened teachers as guides, within the framework of supportive community.

    • Timeless teachings — Our inspiration is drawn from both the world’s ancient spiritual traditions as well as contemporary psychology and science.
    • Awakened teachers — Our meetings feature a variety of local and visiting contemporary spiritual teachers, many of whom are respected worldwide.  All of them guide people home to the freedom and love that resides as the heart of their own experience.
    • Supportive community — The Open Circle supports both an established San Francisco Bay Area community and a growing worldwide community. Locally, we not only host meetings, retreats, and talks, but we also host musical events, hikes and meditations. Our community events are characterized by compassion, mutual support, and dedication to the well-being of each member and all beings.

Open Circle is a non profit organization dedicated to making these teachings of wisdom and compassion easily available. We operate on the generosity of our community. Please consider making a donation or volunteering with us.