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Maja Apolonia Rodé ~ The Dance of Perspectives

Sunday, June 9, 2019 @ 12pm-2pm (Pacific Time)

12 noon to 2 pm (Pacific Time – San Francisco, CA, USA) Time Zone Converter

Truth is a shimmering jewel. Simultaneously undivided and multi-faceted, it reflects the light of consciousness in unique ways depending on our perspective. We each encounter a vast array of perspectives — in our direct experience and as expressed by the people we meet along the way, including teachers and fellow travelers. Understanding the interplay of perspectives within ourselves and among each other is deeply helpful both in the quest for truth and the living of it.

In this online session, Maja will share playful and profound reflections on the dance of perspectives including:

• new and ancient teaching stories that offer a lighthearted look at our blind spots and overcoming them

• two 10-year lessons learned — one catalyzed by an unexpected exchange with the late nondual teacher H.W.L. Poonja in India, and the other by a disagreement with Adyashanti

• the two perspectives that are vital for any quest for truth

• the simple shift of perspective that helps in most any situation

The session will include quiet time for reflection and contemplative dialogues to share your fresh insights and support your unfolding expression.

About Maja

Maja Apolonia Rodé cultivates a world where consciousness, creativity, and community flower for the benefit of all. In all her expressions — from playing her magical zithers to teaching sacred arts, from contemplative conversations to crowd-pleasing raps, from playful party games to professional presentations — Maja is constantly inspired to find and harvest the sweet fruits of presence, beauty, and truth in herself and the people she is with. She is inspired by the possibility of living our most noble and joyful potentials — individually and collectively.

In 1995, while earning her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, a nondual shift in perspective focused Maja on a course in life that is slowly but surely devoted in service to All. A lifelong student of human potential, she began actively cultivating potential in others in the early 1990s through hypnotherapy, sport psychology, facilitating creative processes for self exploration, and eventually a 17-year “dharma gardening” adventure: supporting Adyashanti and his students as the first employee and Creative Director of Open Gate Sangha. Now, another life-changing shift has her dancing the first steps of a new as-yet-undefined creative adventure.

The daughter of a technology pioneer, Maja grew up immersed in the true heart of Silicon Valley, which holds a field of creative innovation and world-changing impact. She currently lives in the foothills of the valley with a glorious view of Black Mountain, her first and most deeply rooted teacher of consciousness. In-person one-on-one sessions, classes, and gatherings (when she begins to offer them again) will take place at this inspiring location.


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Sunday, June 9
12pm-2pm (Pacific Time)
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