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Lisa Cairns ~ Is There a “Doer”?

Sunday, February 18, 2024 @ 9:00am-11:00am (Pacific Time)

There’s no “doer” doing anything, there is no independent person, it’s just a happening, all of it, now. When you’re walking your legs are simply walking all by themselves and we claim that and we say “I’m walking”.

Who is this “I” that walks ?
There’s nobody that’s walking.

Walking happens. Speaking happens. Looking happens. Hearing happens. Action happens.
And our illusion is that we act.

I act. I’m naked. I’m not naked. I’m free. I’m not free. I’m enlightened. I’m not enlightened.

There is nobody. It’s all coming from divinity and nothing is outside of you, nothing!
Everything is a production of your brain, and your brain is a production of that infinite unknowable source which is free. It’s so free, everything!

There’s nothing you need to worry about or not worry about but yeah, worrying happens. But it’s not your worrying and there’s nothing wrong with worrying happening, There’s nothing wrong with deceit happening, there’s nothing wrong with anger happening, there’s nothing wrong with love happening or joy happening, they’re all the same. It is simply life playing out, and it couldn’t be any other way.

Non-duality is what is in this moment:

About Lisa:
In Bali in 2011, Lisa suddenly lost total control while eating banana fritters with ice cream, and there was a sudden and explosive energetic shift; at that moment it was understood, beyond the intellect, non-dual philosophy.

For the past eleven years, she has traveled around the world, sharing an amazing Indian Philosophy called Non duality. She has spoken in book shops, cafes, yoga centers, universities, schools, the UK’s NHS (National Health Care System), conference centers, festivals, theatres and in someone’s front room.

In her talks, she tries to communicate the limitless nature of life, which you could say is at the root of every philosophy, religion or story. This is a tall order, so failing that, she hopes to open doors for anyone who wants to listen, providing a broader perspective on this magical thing we call life.

More about Lisa: www.lisacairns.com

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Sunday, February 18
9:00am-11:00am (Pacific Time)
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