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October 2017

October RASA Series

Saturday, October 7 - Saturday, October 28
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October RASA Series

4 Sessions with Ramaji & Ananda

Dates: Saturdays 7, 14, 21, 28



Join Ramaji & Ananda for a whole month of RASA sessions! After a powerful online Sunday event with Open Circle, Ramaji and Ananda will be returning to offer 4 Saturdays of intense energy transmission and integration support. Gather with community from around the world and experience the healing powers of RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement)!  

Ramaji is the author of eight books on non-duality including “1000,” “No Mind No Problem” and “Who Am I? Meditation.” In Spring, 2011 he was giving a conventional spiritual healing to a woman with chronic fatigue syndrome when a sphere of brilliant white light the size of a beach ball came down into the woman's body. He soon realized that this light had the power to spiritually awaken people. He called it RASA which means “essence” in Sanskrit. He then knew his mission in life: to give RASA and awaken as many people as possible.

 In November, 2015 Ramaji received signs that he would be meeting the soul mate and teaching partner he had waited for all his life. In February, 2016 Ananda Devi came to him to receive RASA. She was already in non-duality after several spontaneous deep spiritual awakenings. She stabilized at LOC 1000 immediately in the first session. On that first day they recognized that they would be teaching together.

 Ananda learned how to give RASA in July, 2016. Knowing that Ananda was supposed to teach with him as soon as possible, Ramaji then put Ananda through the most intense spiritual “boot camp” training he had given any student. She passed all of his tests and challenges with flying colors.

 In January, 2017 they began giving satsang and RASA together to online groups and live satsang groups. They also give private online RASA sessions separately and together.

 They do not consider themselves gurus or spiritual teachers. Instead they prefer to be thought of as “spiritual activists” or “transformational agents.” Thanks to the RASA silent spiritual transmission, they do not have to rely on words or concepts. Their mission in life is to deliver RASA on a global scale and spiritually awaken as many people as possible.

Learn more about Ramaji and Ananda and their offering at www.Ramaji.org


This Special RASA Month will consist of:

  •  Four RASA sessions given by both Ramaji and Ananda

  • Four gatherings of Support and Integration
  • Video Recordings of all four gatherings


Registration: $120

Scholarships available


When:  Saturdays October  7, 14, 21, 28  from 11-12:30pm Pacific Time

 Where: Webinar


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