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Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder ~ How to Become a Human Sun

Sunday, September 16, 2018 @ 7:00pm-8:45pm

Chochmat Halev, Berkeley, CA, USA, 2215 Prince St.
Berkeley, CA United States

Come Taste the Heart-Nectar of Totality of Being

“Can you imagine living with a deep trust in your being – so strong that you know without a doubt that you are the Heart, the One Being, living uniquely as you, the local, particular, ordinary person you are? Can you imagine having no confusion about who you are, not fundamentally different or separate from your body, others, the world…. the Divine reality?

So many of us have tried unsuccessfully for years to reach our ultimate or Divine potential. We’ve been taught that if we just try hard enough, we can perfectly transcend the messy, often painful complexities of being human. Yet many of our practices have actually reinforced our separation from our Natural state.”

In 1992, after leaving his guru of 19 years, Saniel Bonder awoke into and as the Heart, which he also calls the “Totality Identity.” It became his passion to “democratize” this kind of bodily realization of Being and heartfelt participation with others. Saniel, his wife and full partner Linda Groves-Bonder, and their colleagues over these many years have helped hundreds of seekers achieve this whole-being Awakeness and learn to live on its basis.

Their central message to everyone is, “The Sun in your Heart is rising” – the most fundamental essence of your nature and of all Nature is intensifying from the very root-source of your consciousness and life, in the heart. The process they live, transmit, and teach, most widely known as Waking Down in Mutuality®, is a way of activating and intensifying your participation with that divinely humanizing event.
Your greater awakening and integration is actually inevitable, unstoppable. But it takes initiation, guidance, and adaptation to realize your full identification with that Sun-like radiance of Being and Becoming and to live accordingly.

In this condition we feel, know, and enjoy effortless identification with all that exists. At the same time we remain mundanely alive in our everyday humanness. We’re still egos. We still react. We dream, we desire, we hurt. And, we love! In our Heart-realization, the pains and pleasures of being human continue, but our troubled, self-divisive attempts to fix, fight or flee from them naturally fall away. Instead, the Heart’s abiding and unshakeable qualities of wellness, joy, and peace are ever-present in the midst of all our worldly and otherworldly experience, positive and negative. We continue to grow, learn and develop at all levels of our personal and more transcendent expressions.

Come taste the nectar of the Heart-awakened Totality of Being in the company of Saniel and Linda. Find or deepen in that fundamental delight and wellness in your own Heart of hearts, with the support of these Heart-Teachers and in the company of other practitioners and realizers.

Suggested Donation: $15-$25


Sunday, September 16, 2018
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Chochmat Halev, Berkeley, CA, USA
2215 Prince St.
Berkeley, CA United States
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