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Ramaji & Ananda ~ Rasa Transmission

Sunday, December 10, 2017 @ 10am-12noon (Pacific Time)

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10 am to 12 noon (Pacific Time – San Francisco, CA, USA) Time Zone Converter (more details below on time conversion)
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Ramaji is the author of eight books on non-duality including “1000,” “No Mind No Problem” and “Who Am I? Meditation.” Ramaji experienced a spontaneous awakening of Kundalini via a lucid dream in 1966 when he was 16 years old. This unexpected Kundalini event set him upon a life course of intense non-stop seeking. Eventually, after many years of doing different spiritual disciplines, he met his guru, Ramesh Balsekar. Because Ramesh was a realized disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramaji’s lineage is from Nisargadatta.

In 1992 in San Diego, Ramaji had a full-blown awakening into non-duality and non-doership.He began his spiritual teaching mission in 2011 in Palm Springs, California. Thanks to the Internet, he soon had students in Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Thailand, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Russia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan as well as the United States.

Ramaji’s mission is to permanently enlighten as many people as possible along with offering practical non-dual teachings about the Heart on the right and Self-inquiry meditation in the Advaita enlightenment tradition of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramaji facilitates the non-dual spiritual awakening of the casual seeker and serious student alike via delivery of the RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) non-dual enlightenment transmission. Over 300 people worldwide report stable non dual spiritual awakening via RASA.He delivers RASA in person and long distance to groups or one on one over Skype. The silent RASA grace transmission takes 15 minutes, yet its spiritual benefits can last a lifetime.

In February 2016 Ramaji met Ananda Devi who had had several of her own spontaneous deep spiritual awakenings. From their first meeting, it was clear Ananda was the soul mate and teaching partner he had waited for all his life. Through rigorous training, Ananda learned how to give powerful RASA and in January 2017 joined Ramaji in his satsangs to offer an amplified transmission of RASA. Both Ramaji and Ananda Devi give private online RASA sessions separately and together


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Sunday, December 10, 2017
10am-12noon (Pacific Time)
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